Meet our Moms

Meet Trudy

Trudy with Care Team. Trudy has stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is trying alternative therapy. Trudy and Eric have two wonderful children. Abigail is 18 and Ethan is 14. Please pray for this precious family as they travel this unwanted journey.

Meet Natalie

Natalie was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer June 27. She has started chemo treatments. Natalie's faith is strong. She depends on the Lord during this journey. Meet her husband Kaleb, Kallie (9), Kyson (6) and Kolbi (1). Pray for healing and strength.

Care Team members Kay and Karla with Natalie and Kolbi.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer. She recently had an infection after reconstruction surgery. Cheryl is scheduled for more surgeries later this year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Meet Cheryl's family (Joe , Nathan - age 16, Braxton - age 3). Please pray for this wonderful family.

Cheryl has chosen a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean in September. It's their first cruise. They are so excited!

"I want to thank you again for the best vacation our family has ever had. We made some great memories!! We will never forget the unbelievable generosity your foundation has given us." Cheryl

Meet Kristen

Kristen was diagnosed with Breast cancer shortly after giving birth to identical twins, Anneliese and Everleigh. Three weeks after birth, they lost Anneliese to a bacterial infection. Everleigh is now 17 months old. Kristen's step son Jake is 14. Kyle is her husband. Kristen completed chemotherapy and soon will start radiation treatment. Kristen wants to stay close to home and chose to stay at the San Luis Resort & SPA in Galvestion. She wants to take Everleigh to see the ocean for the first time. Please add this precious family to your prayer list.

Kristen enjoying the beach!

Lots of seafood and relaxation for the family!

Meet Leslie

Leslie was diagnosed with colon cancer. She has been fighting this disease for several years. Leslie's daily strength comes from her faith in the Lord. Please pray for this precious family.

Care Team with Leslie

Leslie, Mark, Joe (age 11) and Luke (age 13) had a great time at JW Marriott San Antonio Resort and SPA.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine with Care Team

Jasmine has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  She began treatment in February 2017.  

Her Beautiful Children

Victoria 2, Kathrine 9, Fayth 12 and Isaiah 14.   In addition to other family issues, Victoria was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Mom and daughter going through chemo treatment.   Please pray for this family. 

Meet Jana

Jana, Jeremy, Brooke and Britton

Jana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer almost 8 years ago. She has been fighting it every day through God's strength. She tried treatment in Mexico and had surgery in New York. The surgery went well. Praise the Lord.  Jana will be recouping for several weeks. We are sending the family to the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & SPA this summer. They are excited! Please continue to pray for this precious family.   


Meet Amanda. Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2017. She has undergone chemotherapy and surgery. She will undergo radiation therapy in January 2018 and more surgeries.  Amanda is a 34 year-old mom of four beautiful children (Jeremiah 9, Hannah 7, Adalynn 5 and Eden 2) and loving husband Jason. Amanda chose for her gift a home visit from Santa. Santa had gifts for the family including activities for the children in 2018. Amanda’s Care Team had crafts and made cookies with the children. “Thank you just doesn’t cover it. I know what an incredibly hard season this will be for you and your family and yet you have brought so much joy to my family. You all are such a blessing” Amanda.  

Our Manda

Special visit from Mr. & Mrs. Santa to Maxwell family

"Two days ago we had surprise visitors come to our house!! My kids are STILL talking about how SANTA came to their house and how cool that was!!  Thanks to my amazing army of Christmas elves (FC friends- you know who you are) we have been filling our days with tons of smiles and laughter of Christmas joy!!! There have been so many moments I'll never forget and I never will because of the beautiful video you have captured!!! And my kids will never forget either because of all the beautiful pictures. There just doesn't seem to be any words to express my gratitude for all the time, money, effort that this took each of you to put together.  I'm tearing up just thinking about each one of you tonight and how much I love you!!! This is the Best Christmas ever!!! ❤️️" 

Manda Maxwell