Meet Tina

Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone through chemo, radiation and surgeries. Tina is married with 5 children from age 7 to 22. They have not had a family trip in years and are so excited to plan one soon. Thank you Manda Strong Foundation.


meet christine

Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer, three weeks after her second child was born. She just completed chemotherapy and is scheduled for surgery in December. Christine and Robert (husband) have two precious children. Elaine is three years old. She's a big helper to mommy but doesn't understand why mommy doesn't always have the energy to play. Leia is the baby, a smiley bundle of joy. Please join us in praying for Christine and her family during this difficult time in their lives.


Meet Sarah

Sarah with Care Team. Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has completed chemo and now undergoing radiation treatments, then surgery. Avery is her precious 1st grader. Sarah is so excited to be able to plan a trip during this difficult time. Please keep Sarah, Avery and their family in your prayers.


Meet Amanda

Amanda was the first Manda Strong Foundation Mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2017. She is doing great! Amanda's gift was a home visit by Santa! What a precious family. They made wonderful memories.