We Come Alongside Moms When Times are Tough

Right now is no exception. The world may have changed, but moms battling cancer are experiencing more isolation than ever. We're still hard at work creating ways to help them make memories with their families.

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Moms with cancer have a lot to fight for.

Their fight with cancer is a long journey. Moms look forward to spending time with their family making memories that will last a life time..

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Our Moms look forward to planning a trip.

Planning a trip for the family can be a nice distraction during those long days in chemotherapy treatment.

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Christmas at Home with Santa

Moms can choose a trip or home event like a visit from Santa.

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Look who ran a mile for our Moms!

Chick-fil-A cows run to help support moms fighting cancer.

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Making Memories

To Last For a Lifetime

We come alongside moms in Collin and Grayson County Texas, with children at home (18 and under), who are walking through a cancer diagnosis. Our expertise isn't in medicine, but in helping these moms make memories with their families by providing trips (such as to Disney World) or home events (such as Christmas anytime) during a most difficult time in their lives. We have been helping these moms with cancer make memories with the family since 2017.

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Meet Our Mom: Darilyn

Darilyn was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Meet Our Moms: Natalie

Natalie was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

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1st Annual Pickleball Tournament

1st Annual Pickleball Tournament

Join us on September 21st at The Courts of McKinney. This will be a fun day of Pickleball while supporting our moms fighting cancer. ...

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Manda said, "What can I do with my kids today to make memories with them?"

Donate now to help a mom make lasting memories with her kids. Consider a one-time donation or a monthly donation. Cancer takes so much from families. Nominate a mom you know to give back joy in the midst of hardship.

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Other Resources

We know cancer care takes more than memories.

See these resources for other forms of support.


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